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it's been awhile...

44 Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime icons!


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Before you check out the icons, check this out! Make new RE friends to squee with on LJ. :3




94 Heroic Age icons under the cut.

More to come as I go through the series to cap! These are just from the artwork from the series. ♥ And since I am a giant whore and want more people to watch this series since it has like 4 fans and I am ronery, you can read a little about the series and characters in it HERE, and I have a post in my RP journal with a bunch of links to the main series, as well as some dramas and stuff, HERE.

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22 Resident Evil icons under the cut.

But before that, some shameless whoring. sonnentreppe is a new Resident Evil-based community. "But," you say "aren't there a few of those already?" Yes, there are. I see one geared more toward news only, and one that a lot of people are not too happy with because of how it's moderated. IE wank happens and the mod is the one causing it so there's really nobody to stop it. Which can make people nervous to participate at all. This community will not only be watched over well, but it hopes to promote more posting, fan discussion and fanworks in general. Basically what we hope to do there is summed up in this post. There are posts that are planned in the next coming weeks to try to get people interested to join in and participate and have a RE general comm that will be a lively, happy place. So we hope that people will come and join!

And now onto the icons.


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black out in the sewer

Today's menu:
- Ayumi Hamasaki
- Gundam 00
- Xenosaga

Side Orders (under "Miscellaneous"):
- alan
- Final Fantasy VII
- Macross Frontier
- Final Fantasy X
- A few other oddities


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Comment/credit is nice but not necessary!
Resident Evil 5 (CHAPTER 1) - 62

Comments and credit loved, as usual. ♥


Don't wanna lose your love~

Resident Evil - 274

*SPOILERS FOR DEGENERATION* If you are waiting for the official release, these icons are from the whole movie, so yes, warning! o/

And before I post these I want to plug this, because I need more people to squee about RE with:


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Resident Evil - 101

Also like I mentioned, I have a super spoilertastic, in-depth recap of the Degeneration movie that I was lucky enough to get to see in NYC, right over here if anybody wants to read!

And while I am at it, hey! Any of these icons can totally be used for roleplay! Like A DRESSING ROOM cough cough join and plaaaaaay cough cough.


yeah, it's just me again

Code Geass [11]
Final Fantasy X / X-2 [22]
Gundam 00 [6]
Gundam SEED / Destiny [18]
Macross Frontier [49]
Xenosaga [4]


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'nother one from me!

Code Geass [15]
Final Fantasy X / X-2 [13]
Gundam 00 [4]
Gundam SEED [6]
Macross Frontier [31]
Xenosaga [11]


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